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illusionista e musicista italiano
Illusionista italiano
Illusionist and musician, under the guidance of Arturo Brachetti in 2017 he became Italian Magic National Champion. In his performance, he fuses music and magic, playing the role of a street violinist who, after yet another day of failure, comes to understand that the emotions released by his music are worth more than any material good.
Filiberto Selvi spettacolo


Filiberto Selvi was born in Turin on 7 January 1999.

With a burning passion for magic since his childhood, he joined the “Circolo Amici della Magia” of Turin at the age of seven, where he took his first steps in the world of illusionism. In the same period, he discovered the other passion that would guide his formative years: music, which he would cultivate alongside magic for a long time.

It was under the guidance of Tiziano Berardi, director of the CADM scene laboratory, that he found in theater the right dimension for these two worlds to coexist. Precisely in this direction, he began his search aimed at creating a performance capable of bringing the form of magic that is typical of music on stage.

Meeting Arturo Brachetti was particularly significant in this regard, and the years of work under his guidance lead him to define the number with which he would go on to win the title of Italian National Champion of Magic in 2017.

Following his victory, he joined the Gran Varietà Brachetti with which he toured in all the most important Italian cities. He then had the opportunity to perform throughout Europe, on important stages, such as that of the Magic Circle in London , one of the most important magic circles in the world, where David Copperfield and King Charles of England have been active members for years. He has been invited to take part in international events, including the Festival Internacional de Magia in Bilbao and the Festival Mondial de la Magie in France.


Italian National Champion of Magic 2017
Finalist at the World Championships of Magic 2022



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